jordan thomson

A wee bit ABOUT ME.

I'm a 22 year old Graphic Design HND student situated within Glasgow, Scotland. I enjoy experimenting digitally and incorporating mixed medias into my work to create various textures and unusual visual aesthetics. My preferred elements within graphic design work include stricly digital Photoshop mixed media aswell as Scannography.

featured projects:


When planning my Dusk project design, I took my research to the core basics of the meaning of dusk and attached any literal and non-literal connections/interpretations I could find to the topic in order to expand my horizon to the fullest in terms of creative inspiration. I found the concept of astrology and the literal use of “creation” in use of my design to view the poster as a depiction of life itself not from a
scientific point but from where we all as human’s origin from.

After various research routes I branched
into an astrology angle and decided I would find a style of artist currently I could imitate my style from
and inevitably create the best outcome for my design. I found that using a very delicate, contemporary
and almost lucid style which incorporates a lot of wireframe/3d elements would look very interesting for
the concept I had chosen to take forward. Within my creation I experimented thoroughly with 3D models
of a sphere to create a rendition of earth as a shattered fragment moving from less to more which
would describe dusk in a “from nothing to everything” perspective.

The variations I went through with
both my posters were quite dramatic in my opinion, aside from the breaking similarities in colour to
each poster set that I was trying thoroughly to change the matching wireframe style seemed to suit
similar colour schemes as opposed to my original planning ideas in which included gradient map colour
grading so they would flow into a new colour swatch.

In conclusion I believe I met the brief
requirements well in terms of bringing an angle on the atmospheric setting of dusk to life graphically in
degree in which you have to think about the design within the poster sets to understand the depiction I
am trying to lay out.

Second variation in a red and black colour scheme with hints of yellow/white.

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